The Board of Directors will consider applications for Associate Membership from individuals or companies who are neither Sri Lankan citizens nor Sri Lankan companies but who are agents trading in the U.A.E. on behalf of Sri Lankan companies. In all such cases, however, the application must be accompanied by a written request from the said Sri Lankan Company requesting the Board of Directors to consider its agents for associate membership. In addition the applicant shall provide an outline of its overall business operation paying particular regard to the proportion of its activity that is related to the promotion/sale of goods or services originating in Sri Lanka.

The Board of Directors at its sole discretion and upon unanimous vote may accept applications for nomination as associate members from individuals who have certain close connection with Sri Lanka, and who have demonstrated an affinity towards Sri Lanka for a period of time.

Associate membership is personal. No Associate member is entitled either to transfer such membership or to nominate alternates to attend meetings in their place.

The corporate membership to the Council must be proposed and seconded by a Council member and approved by the Board of Directors.