Objectives & Purpose


To promote friendship, goodwill and understanding between the business organizations of Sri Lanka and the UAE.


To maintain, support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic co-operation, employment and tourism between Sri Lanka and the UAE.


To encourage and sponsor education, personnel exchange and training schemes at the Private sector level between Sri Lanka and the UAE, with the aim of mutually enhancing experience, education and capabilities.


To provide the opportunity for Sri Lankan business people representing Sri Lankan companies with a presence in the UAE or working with local companies in the UAE to meet on a regular basis and to act as a forum for the exchange of information related to current and expected business opportunities.


To provide a link with organizations in Sri Lanka dedicated to the development of Middle East and/or Sri Lankan trade and corporate investment.


To assist Sri Lankan companies and business people establishing or contemplating the establishment of a trading base in the UAE.


To carry out research studies on any matters affecting or concerning any of the above objectives.


To assist and liaise with the Sri Lankan Embassy and Consulate in their endeavour to further develop/enhance trade opportunities between Sri Lanka and the UAE and to work with the Sri Lankan Embassy and Consulate on matters of mutual interest.